Gnocchi with pink sauce

When Mr. T says there’s a specific food he likes I start searching for ways to make it. We’ve had gnocchi for years, but only recently has Mr. T commented how much he likes gnocchi. So, I was excited when I read this recipe for gnocchi on smittenkitchen. I had the ingredients and I didn’t need to purchase any special equipment to make it! Score!

I started making this receipt in the afternoon since I knew this would take a few hours, baking the potato alone took about an hour. While this took me a few hours to make this time, I know it will be much easier next time around, especially when I’m not working on a powerpoint project at the same time.

grated russet potatoes

beginnings of gnocchi

Gnocchi Quarters

SmittenKitchen’s recipe says to add 1 1/4 cups of flour but I found my dough was almost perfect after the first cup of flour. I added approximately 1/8 cup  more and the flour seemed to be at the needed consistency. When I rolled out the dough I added some flour on the cutting board to help with rolling. I believe it helped to not add the full additional 1/4 cup of flour or the dough may have been too dry.

Rolling the Gnocchi

Rolling out the Gnocchi

Gnocchi Line-Up

LIttle Gnocchi Nuggets

Mr. T also loves pink sauce so that’s what went with the gnocchi. I’m still looking for the right pink sauce. Something with the perfect blend of spices and cream, without being too heavy. I can’t say whether Pioneer Woman’s sauce was that perfect combination, since I had to alter the sauce a bit–I didn’t have fresh parsley and only had dried basil. I think the fresh herbs would have enhanced the flavors in the sauce.

Gnocchi plopped in pink sauce

Homemade Gnocchi and Pink Sauce Dinner

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