Starry Kitchen

Starry Kitchen

I love looking for restaurants, especially ones that are close to me. It’s fun to discover good places to eat, and to have a map of places I want to try someday. When most normal people plan trips they look for museums and historical locations to view, and I do look for those things.. for Mr. T. who loves history and can actually remember all the things we see and read. However, I am more interested in the food and discovering more about the local culture through the restaurants and markets.

When I had a conference in Downtown L.A. I decided to look at my map and find someplace to eat. I had to find a place within walking distance, and so came across Starry Kitchen. It is a fun restaurant with interesting food, atmosphere, and people. The menu is listed on the board, and you order your food first, then find a table. It’s in a business district and there were many people in line, so I felt a bit anxious to quickly decide what I wanted to eat. The menu is interesting with items like garlic noodles and crispy tofu balls.

While the food wasn’t the best I’ve ever had, the atmostphere was fun.

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