Cinnamon Bread

It’s been cold and rainy all day. Some may say think that since I live in Southern California I shouldn’t complain about having a few rainy days here and there… and while that’s true, it also makes it that much harder when the day is icky. I mean two days ago it was sunny and beautiful! But with this rain, there will soon be green grass and beautiful orange poppies blooming. That does make the rain worth it. I just try to stay inside all day long. I did go to the grocery store for a bit to buy a few staples–and the necessary items to make homemade cinnamon bread from The Pioneer Woman’s site. I’ve been eyeing this recipe for a couple days, I’m not sure what drew me to the recipe. I usually stay away from things calling for yeast… But ever since my grandma-in-law showed me how to make bread I’ve felt a need to make more bread. If only to prove to her that her time wasn’t wasted in showing me how to make bread. Of course this cinnamon bread did not require kneading… but it did require two 2 hour rise times, which means it also required incredible patience from me! Of course while I waited I also made homemade tomato soup from Smitten Kitchen’s recipe and Alton Brown’s homemade hot chocolate, which by the way, I recommend excluding the cayenne. I love cooking, and when it’s raining outside what better way than to spend the day by the warm oven. Of course sitting by the fireplace with a great book would be nice too! Too bad I finished the Harry Potter series years ago, this is definitely the type of day that called for an adventure book.

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