Coffee Experiences

Recently we’ve started a quest to find good coffee in whatever city we visit. When we ask people for coffee recommendations people always seem to point us to Starbucks, they must be have thought we said convenient coffee, not good coffee.

About a year ago my husband and I bought a Groupon to learn how to roast coffee at Javatinis. That was our first adventure into really good coffee, and the art of making good coffee. Thus began our search and appreciation of coffee.



Our next great coffee find was in Oahu. We were looking for a coffee to go with our yummy Malasadas, our iPhone pointed us to Glazer’s Coffee. What a great find! We went there everyday for 4 days because it was so incredible, the lattes were smooth, and foam was creamy and the coffee art was beautiful.

Now in San Francisco and I found another great coffee place just a few blocks away, Blue Bottle Coffee. There was a line out the door and worth the wait. The decor was cute and simple, and the coffee was great.

It’s always fun to search for coffee and come across companies who take the time to learn how to make coffee correctly.

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