Easy Garlic and Roasted Tomato Pasta

A restaurant close to me, Coogies Cafe, sells a Quinoa Linguine that is amazing. The blending of various flavors always leaves me wanting more and I eat more than I probably should. But since I can’t eat there every day I decided to try and replicate the recipe. I tried using Quinoa Linguine at home but it wasn’t very good. I’m not sure if it’s how I cooked the linguine, but I decided it’s not worth the price to use it. So, I use other type of pastas instead (read, any pasta). First I take cherry tomatoes, cut them length wise, drizzle them with olive oil, salt, pepper and balsamic vinegar and roast them in the oven. Sometimes I do them really quick, (30 min or so at 350 degrees) and sometimes I do them slower (like 1.5 hr at 200 degrees). The slower I cook them the more intact the tomatoes stay. Someday I will try this with roma tomatoes, but that takes a few hours to roast and I usually don’t plan well enough in advance to do this. While that’s roasting I slice a handful of garlic cloves length wise, then cook them in hot olive oil. Watch this carefully, you want to turn them and make sure they brown, but do not burn them. Then I take them out and let them drain a bit on a paper towel. I use already cooked and shredded chicken, cut them into smaller, bite-size pieces and heat them in the pan I just cooked the garlic in. I also put in arugula just so they wilt a bit. Then I put in the cooked pasta, and toss. Then I add the roasted tomatoes, feta cheese and cooked garlic. You may need to add a little more salt and pepper at the end to taste. It’s an easy pasta with a lot of flavor. One of my favorites!

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