Interim Cafe

Mr. T and I recently moved to Santa Monica to help with our daily commute. Our previous community was gorgeous, surrounded by mountains and lots of hiking trails. It was a quiet city, which was my desire after growing up in “The Valley”. “The Valley” has many benefits including lots of diversity in cultures and foods. However, there were also too many people and cars and TRAFFIC!

We moved to an area that is a compromise of sorts. We have a lot of stores within walking distance, which is a big change from our previous community, there’s a bit of diversity, but a lot of good restaurants within walking distance. Tonight I decided to walk to Interim Cafe, a little cafe within an office/apartment-like building.

I initially walked by it, because it didn’t look like a restaurant. But when I doubled back I realized that it was the cafe I was looking for. I was skeptical, but decided to try it anyway. I ordered the “Woodsy’ Mushroom Killer Quesadilla, I will order anything with mushrooms!

The quesadilla came with a side salad made of mixed greens, jicama, strawberries, some type of nuts and seeds, something that tasted like corn nuts, and a very flavorful, light dressing. The salad was very tasty with a lot of different flavors and textures mixed in. The salad had a lot of spice and left my mouth with a slight burn.

The quesadilla was topped with a corn, tomato, avocado salsa with green chile, cilantro and Cholula. The quesadilla was made from a wheat tortilla with, possibly, mozzarella cheese, sautéed, and possibly pickled, mushrooms, and sun-dried tomatoes. The menu said the quesadilla was made on a pizza stone, which attributed to the crispy edges of the tortilla.

I was impressed with the food and the flavor of the meal. I’m not sure if the men who made the food and took my order own the cafe, but they were nice. I heard the customer in front of me say that their soups are amazing. Next time I’ll have to try them!

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