Mexican Salad – so cal style

Mr. T always wants to have a mexican salad, he grew up eating them and really likes them. I never grew up eating them, and don’t really pay a lot of attention to them when they’re on a table (think potluck). But I had a lot of leftover hard shell tortillas and decided to make a mexican salad for him. I did a quick internet search and found an epicurious recipe which looked good, and it was good! I did make some slight adjustments, namely because I didn’t have all of the ingredients, and quite frankly I didn’t want to buy radishes and jicama for this one dish.

When I asked Mr. T what he thought of the mexican salad, he stated that he liked it a lot; but it was more like a “west coast” version of the mexican salad. Maybe it needs fritos or thousand island dressing to make it a real mexican salad.

Either way, this was a great salad for a warm summer night.

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