Tar and Roses

602 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA

Every Friday night Mr. T picks a place to eat for our date night, it gives me something to look forward to each week! Our schedules are busy, especially Mr. T’s so our Friday date nights are the highlight of my week. This week we went to Tar and Roses, a restaurant I’ve been eyeing for a couple months now. Using the Chefs Feed app I discovered that the Chef’s name is Andrew Kirschner.

The vibe of the restaurant is trendy and dark had great mood lighting. We ate in the back room, which was cozy, especially since we shared the room with a large party of about 20 people (an office party I think, wish my office did something like that!).

The hanging lamps in the room were large glass blown lamps with Edison light bulbs (if I remember correctly). The walls were (faux?) brick, which gave the room style and warm. I like brick in buildings, it just makes a building feel old and comfortable.

The service was good, especially considering the one server had about 4 tables, and 1 large party!

When looking at the menu I always look for a few things. 1. Food I’ve never tried before, 2. Something unique to the restaurant, 3. Something popular at the restaurant (I always ask the server what their favorite dishes are and what is popular) and 4. Anything with mushrooms!

So what caught my eye at this restaurant were the crispy pig ears. They satisfied 2 of my criteria, though Mr. T was a bit skeptical, but he’s used to my methods and is willing to try new foods with me.


The crispy pig ears were not at all what I was expecting. They were in strips like French fries and were not as crispy as I thought. I was secretly hoping for chicharones… My secret, guilty pleasure. The pig ears were very flavorful, and the dipping sauce of aioli and saffron was very disappointing. Since I love spice and flavorful food I asked for a side of rooster sauce and used that instead. It tasted better after that!

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